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"As an artist who paints landscapes, Weidle's rejection of the picturesque, merged with his sensitivity to tone and penchant for accurate description, sets a very high bar. And yet, as formally masterful and sensitive to nuance as he is in depicting countless ordinary shapes, a lot more seems to be happening in these paintings. If an archetypal "American" painting style began in the mid-19th century, with the Hudson River School, and the celebration of the unspoiled American landscape, then artists such as Rackstraw Downes, Stanley Lewis, Cindy Tower, and Jim Weidle show what happened to that landscape after it was annexed by waves of optimism mixed with arrogance and greed. While Downes, Lewis, and Tower paint complex, beautiful paintings of ugly or abandoned rubbish-filled factories, and rural life's weedy disorder, Weidle turns his attention to littered grounds, dense forest growth, and gravel yards. It seems as if we are stuck in the middle of nowhere."

John Yau, October 12, 2022,
"Jim Weidle and Our Beautiful Despair"



1973 B.F.A., Southern Illinois University
1982 M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania
1983 Fischbach Gallery, New York, NY
1986 Fischbach Gallery, New York, NY
2007 Fischer Art Gallery, Marshalltown, IA
2012 ICON Gallery, Fairfield, IA
2014 Buchanan Art Center, Monmouth, IL
2016 Art Center of Burlington, Burlington, IA
2017 Art Center of Burlington, "The Paint Goes On!", Burlington IA
2018 Blue Mountain Gallery / "Paint Happens!" (Sept) New York, NY, with Gallery Talk, and Talk with Horace Mann students 
Art Center of Burlington / "Paint Happens" (Oct)
2019 Americus Diamond Gallery / "Must See!"
2020 Americus Diamond Gallery / "For Real" with Gallery Talk, Fairfield, IA
Gallery Carbone / "Nightcrawlers," Alameda, CA
2022 Blue Mountain Gallery / "Paint: Apply Now!" New York, NY
1989 Who's Who in American Art, Jacques Cattell Press
1990 Film in the Cities/N.E.A., Minneapolis, MN
2000 N.E.A., Painting Grant
1978 "Works on Paper," Annual, Chicago Art Institute
1979 Annual, Des Moines Art Center
1981 Wallinford Art Center, Wallinford PA
1982 "Collector's Gallery XVI," Marion Koogler McNay Art Inst., San Antonio, TX
1983 "Contemporary American Watercolors," Priebe Art Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI
1984 "American Seen," Adams-Middleton Gallery, Dallas, TX
"The Spirit of the Coast," Monmouth, Museum, Lincroft, NJ
Maine Drawing Biennial, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME
1985 "American Realism," William Sawyer Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"The Realist Landscape," Rutgers University, Robeson Center Gallery, Newark, NJ
1985-87 "American Realism: Twentieth-Century Drawings and Watercolors," organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
1988 Maine Coast Artist Gallery, Rockport, ME
"City Views: Panoramas of Particulars; works from the CIGNA Collection," CIGNA Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA
1992 Great Falls Arts Center, Great Falls, MT
Schneider Museum of Art, Ashland, OR
Paris Gibson Center for Contemporary Arts, Great Falls, MT
Redding Museum and Art Center, Redding, CA
1993 Omak Art Center, Omak WA
Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID
Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City
Fresno Art Center, Fresno CA
Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA
1996 Rogers/Tatistcheff, Los Angeles, CA
1997 Dropped out, built Straw-Bale House, Lenore, ID (Nebraska-style, load bearing)
2004/05 Shilpi Gallery, Fairfield, IA
2007 Americus Gallery, Fairfield, IA
2008 ICON Art Institute, Fairfield, IA
2010 Teeple/Hanson Gallery, Fairfield, IA
2012 64Arts / National Juried Annual, Monmouth, IA
2013 64Arts / National Juried Annual, Monmouth, IA
2014 First Street Gallery / National Juried Exhibition, Juror: Jed Perl, New York, NY
2015 Prince Street Gallery / National Juried Exhibition, Juror: Robert Berlind, New York, NY
64Arts / National Juried Annual, Monmouth, IA
2016 64Arts / National Juried Annual, Monmouth, IA
Visiting Artist / San Francisco Art Institute, Guest of Mike Kuchar
2017 Blue Mountain Gallery / Juried Exhibition, Juror: Priscilla Caldwell, New York, NY
Buchanan Art Center / "Art in the Heartland," Monmouth, IL
Blue Mountain Gallery / "Small Works," New York, NY
Blue Mountain Gallery / "New Members Show," New York, NY
2018 Art 52 / "Paint Happens" (March-April), Fairfield, IA
Blue Mountain Gallery / "Paint Happens" (August), New York, NY
Sanctuary Coalition (Dec), Brooklyn, NY
2019 Blanden Art Museum / "Line," Fort Dodge, IA / "Line" (traveling exhibit), Fairfield, IA
Horace-Mann Gallery / "Contemporary Realists Group Show," New York, NY
2020 Blue Mountain Gallery / Member Group Show, New York NY "Essential Art: Work by Blue Mountain Gallery Artists during the Pandemic: Part 1," Virtual Exhibit
2021 Blue Mountain Gallery / "New Year/New Space," Virtual Exhibit
64Arts / National Juried Annual, Monmouth, IL
2022 Blue Mountain Gallery / "From the Studio: Blue Mountain Gallery Artists," New York, NY (January) and Manhattanville College (February-March), Purchase, NY
2023 Blue Mountain Gallery / "The Long View: Creativity Over Time - Blue Mountain Gallery Artists", New York, NY (Jan-Feb) and Green Kill Gallery, Kingston, NY (July-Aug)
CIGNA Corporation, PA
Commerce Bancshares, Kansas City
Connecticut Insurance General of North America, Philadelphia, PA
Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute, San Antonio, TX
First National Bank of Boston
Thomas Boudreau, Durango, CO
Dr. Robert Carroll, New York
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Zagor, New York
Michael Cuddehe, New York
Dr. Lawrence S. Waldman, OH
Mrs. Paula Erskine, CA
Cr. & Mrs. Steve Grossman, MA
Boise Museum of Fine Arts, Boise, ID
Mrs. William C. Janss, Idaho
Mr. Paul Lurie, Illinois
Tim & Meg Fitz-Randolph, Iowa City, IA
Dr. & Mrs. Ken Sandler, Mahern, PA
FMC Corporation, Executive Offices, Chicago, IL
Professor Joseph Goldstein, New Haven, CT
Randy Dillon, Fairfield, IA
Zui R. Cohen, Manchester, NH
Heidi Krabbe, Marshalltown, IA
John Morris, Camden, ME
Bank of New York, New York
Ernst & Whinney, New York
Susan Twomey, Monmouth, IL
Professor L. Gamberg, Penn. State University
Kevin Cook, Toronto, Canada


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